Go Green with Coucou! Eco-Friendly Offer

Go Green with Coucou! Eco-Friendly Offer

Enjoy 5% Off, and Join the Eco-Revolution!

Dear Valued Customers,

In our shared commitment to care for our beautiful planet, CouCou Coffee is thrilled to introduce our new Eco-Friendly Offer! Simply bring your own cup when you visit, and you'll receive an exclusive 5% discount on your purchase!

We believe that every small step towards environmental consciousness contributes to significant change. Your participation not only brings you savings but also supports our collective effort towards a greener future. Let's turn actions into advocacy and make life more vibrant!

Participation is effortless:

1. BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup): Whether you fancy coffee, tea, or any other beverage, as long as you bring your cup, we're delighted to apply a 5% eco-discount to your purchase.

2. Claim Your Discount: Just let our staff know about your cup when you're checking out. They'll happily calculate and apply the 5% eco-discount as a token of appreciation for your sustainable choice.

3. Guardians of Green: We invite you to join us in our eco-conscious endeavor, reducing unnecessary disposable waste and leaving a positive impact on our planet's preservation.

Side by side, let's contribute to the cause of environmental sustainability. We sincerely thank you for your support and eagerly anticipate your enthusiastic participation!

"Bringing the change, one cup at a time!"

May our combined efforts make a meaningful contribution to the world of eco-friendly practices.

Warm regards,

CouCou Coffee

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